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24th February 2014

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Don't you just love the London Marathon? It's great to see thousands of committed people running around the city en masse (it normally only happens during a tube strike). Speaking of which, remember that your career is a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to pace yourself. So, let's go back to basics and identify those classic CV mistakes and how you can avoid them – there's no use rushing something as crucial as your CV! When it comes to job hunting sometimes it can feel deflating receiving rejections; but it's important to remember these things take time and persistence is key – we share a motivating piece on how to pick yourself up – you won't even break a sweat! Okay until next time – stay fit!
The wrong foot
The wrong foot
Mistakes on CVs are like blisters on a runner – you'll never get anywhere with them. We take a look at the classic mistakes to avoid, such as bad grammar, gaps and spelling the employer's name wrong. Gasp!
Mistakes to avoid
Staying on course
Staying on course
Losing your motivation is a familiar problem when you're looking for jobs or planning a change of career. But never fear, we have some stimulating tips to help keep your job searching on the right track.
How to keep motivated
Give yourself a career MOT
Give yourself a career MOT
We've partnered with Pitman Training and created a Career MOT tool to help you assess which jobs may be right for you, based on your personality.
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Playingthe field
No two jobs are the same – and nor should your CV be when responding to multiple vacancies. It's essential to hone in on what you can offer each employer, tweaking it to suit the role you're applying for. We run you through the approach.
Tips to tailor your CV
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